This is the part of the website where I tell you about myself and what I do:

I work with advertising agencies and directly with businesses and organizations to create compelling images that develop brands and inspire emotions.  Sometimes I work with other photographers to help them craft their photos into a final vision.  

I love combining the highly technical aspects of lighting, camera gear, and post processing through the creative process of developing an idea into an image.

My education is in architecture, lighting, and electronic studio arts; previously I've worked in architecture, lighting design, and advertising.  These varied but connected professions provide a unique perspective for me in my process and approach.  

Some images are created with camera or lighting techniques, others use photos as a raw medium to create complicated surreal or curiously humorous images. Either way I love to create engaging images that compel you to look closer.

Have an image in mind or project coming up?  Lets talk, or just reach out and say hello.


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Twitter: @jaredkmckenna

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