Below are a few selections of retouched images.

Mouse over retouched images to see the "Before" images.

Shot and retouched the original three Maine Beer Company's beers as a group.

Photographed and edited tree "biscut" for very large scale imagery associated with NELMA's 75th anniversary. Retouched missing bark and made color corrections. Due to the trouble associated with finding a tree exactly 75 years old 3 rings had to be added to make it match the 75th anniversary theme.

Photographed originally to have light stands visible as behind the scenes look.  Final image had them removed and minor retouching to clean up and balance image.

Photographed 11" x 8.5" winning student art to be blown up to fit on the side of a CLYNK box truck.  Color corrected image to match original appearance and increased legibility without altering feel of art. 

Parodied the well known Green Mind album cover after the Bunker Brewing beer that used the same name.

Concept and creative retouching, placing brewers head on Turkish oil wrestlers body.  Images not mine.


Retouching images for a client they shot on site.  Limited access meant no means to re-shoot it so retouching what they had was the only option.  Direction here was to make the image pop and have the light fixture the star of the show.

Client wanted an image they shot a while back to use in upcoming marketing.  Direction was remove the fog and whiten the candles and give the image more warmth.